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Episode 2: Glamour & Gains podcast. Eve Dawes & her husband attending a charity event.

Episode 2: Glamour & Gains podcast. Eve Dawes & her husband attending a charity event.

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Date nights often revolve around eating and drinking, and lets be honest, most of us tend to go all out rather than nibbling on a salad and drinking water, especially when you're in a long term relationship. Let's change it up and do something different with our partner! That’s still fun but doesn’t come with eaters remorse or a hangover. I’m not saying don’t go out to eat ever or enjoy your wine! We will. If you eat healthily 90% of the time and workout, 1 meal out isn’t going to kill you, but try getting out of a rut and trying a few other fun things that don’t involve eating.

It’s easy to just do the same thing so here are some healthier activities that you can do together.

I want you to have long term success with your goals and be in optimal health.


I know some shows can be expensive but there’s so many options, whether it’s a concert, play, ballet, community theatre, comedy, magic show, or jazz club there’s normally something going on wherever you live or you can always make it a day out to your closest city. Plus, it’ll give you something to talk about after the show besides your day at work, the weather, or what you ate.

Have fun getting dressed up for each other, enjoying not cooking, and a change of scenery.


It can be daunting going to a new class for the 1st time so why not pick something you’ve both never done before. Not only do you get to experience something new together but burn a few calories in the process! Or you could share the class one of you loves and the other hasn’t done before to show them why you love it and maybe even create a new habit for you both that you can do together. Not feeling like doing a fitness class, there’s painting and craft classes popping up everywhere right now.


If you’re not lucky enough to live close to a national park or hiking trails, if it’s winter wrap up or in Summer throw on a hat and SPF, and head to your local park. It doesn’t have to be an epic hike but most of us spend so much time inside working, watching TV, doing housework, etc, it’s nice to grab some fresh air, hold hands, and put life on hold. Without other distractions such as TV, your phone, or work, you can actually get to talk!

Enjoy the whole process from planning your route, breathing, slowing down, and holding hands.


Whether it’s a museum, exhibit, or zoo, get your culture fix either locally or you could take a road trip. When you share experiences you have new topics of conversation and get to create memories together. Another bonus is that many museums and monuments are free to visit.


Go ski-ing, to the range, book a track day, or whatever you’ve always wanted to try. Stuck for ideas? Groupon and Travelzoo have some great deals and will give you ideas on whats available in your area or even in a new area you’re visiting. You can also pick up day passes to new gyms for free in most places so you don’t have to skip workouts if you’re away from home.


There’s nothing quite as romantic as either going to the spa or calling therapists out to you for a couples massage (or whatever your favorite spa treatment is) and then having a post massage bath or hot tub together to unwind, destress, and set the romantic mood. Light some candles, play your favorite music, you can even have a cup of detox tea in the bath instead of champagne for the ultimate lymph and digestive boost so you both wake up feeling light and fabulous. Wholefoods and David’s Tea make some yummy caffeine-free detox teas such as Yogi tea that taste more like dessert than something you’d rather not be drinking and come with cute quotes on the tea bag label! If you like your tea sweeter just add liquid stevia for a calorie free sweet bump that won’t spike your sugar levels especially if it’s in the evening.

Luxuriate in bubbles that awaken your sensual side. What’s both of your favorite scents? Pick one you both love and evokes certain feelings for you.

Meal Swaps When Eating Out

If you do go out and want to moderate what you eat you can always ask for no bread, swap buns for lettuce, ask for dressings and sauces on the side, drink soda water instead of soda as a mixer, and you don’t have to clear your plate!

Whatever you choose to do for your date night, take the time to slow down and appreciate your partner and the life you have together or in getting to know your new date.

What are your favorite non-dining out things to do as a couple? Comment below, we love trying new things.

…and it’s also ok to cheat on your nutrition once in a while! We’re human and some cake and cocktails are too good to say no to.

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