How Do I Make My Tan Last and Keep it Looking Fresh?

How To Make Your Fake or Natural Tan Last and Look Fresh 

I love a fake tan but hate the way they can wear off unevenly showing that it's fake, or fade quickly in the pool, etc. These lotions and makeup products work to enhance, maintain, and hydrate both fake and natural tans. Watch to find out how or read the blog below.

1. James Read Tanning Accelerator $38 (whoops, I say it incorrectly in the video, I was trying to do it on location from memory):

This pump moisturizer speeds up the natural tanning process, with a small amount of self-tan and by stimulating the skin’s natural melanin production to accelerate and extend any tan whether it's fake or natural. 

The sun, chlorine and salt water can dry out the skin. This is infused with Aloe Vera, Hyaluronic Acid and Monks Pepper to leave skin hydrated and moisturized, as well as making your tan lasts longer and fade away evenly. I slather it all over from head to toe.

Tip: Use daily for up to 7 days prior to sun exposure to maximize the skin's natural tanning ability (you still need to use an SPF) and post holiday as required, to enhance a natural tan. 

2. Charlotte Tilbury Overnight Bronze and Glow Tanning Mask $64.95

I don't want to risk sweating my fake tanner off in the day and streaking it. This sleeping mask makes it easy. Just apply evenly before bed instead of your regular moisturizer and wake up glowing. It won't turn you orange as it adds color gradually while keeping your skin hydrated as both real and fake tans can be drying. 

3. Fake Bake Bronzing Compact $17

This is great to contour or bronze with. Go light handed with it and build color as needed as it's highly pigmented and gives intense color.

Tip: use to contour and along the edges of your forehead and wherever the sun would naturally tan you, finish with a blusher and a highlighter.

What are your tanning extending and moisturizing tips? What do you want to see next on FitessByEve? A workout, more beauty tips, lifestyle hacks, recipes?