Top 5 Steps For Perfect Lips

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For moisturized, gorgeous lips.

Lips have stolen the show as much as eyebrows recently and it's all about the perfect pout which means dry, flaky lips are a definite No-No. 

Matte, long-lasting lipsticks are awesome for long days and nights but the chemicals used in them tend to leave lips needing a lot of TLC as can air-conditioning, heating, sun, and flying. 

Whether you're a glossy or matte girl, lippy or lipgloss fan, it really starts with creating a hydrated, smooth canvas, just as you would with your face. Here are my top tips for keeping your lips looking gorgeous, plump and hydrated.

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Top 5 Steps For The Perfect Lips

1. Use a hydrating sleep mask like Laneige. I also use this during the day for hydration and a natural pink sheen.

2. Use a lip exfoliator to get rid of any dead skin. You can use a sugar scrub, dry toothbrush or even a facecloth/flannel.

3. Use a lip pencil to create the lip shape that you want and prevent the lipstick bleeding beyond the lip line. This is especially important when using a darker or red lipstick.

4. Use a primer before you apply lipstick to create a smooth base. MAC makes a great one called 'Prep + Prime Lip Base' which can also be used on dry patches of skin elsewhere on your face.

5. Finally apply your favorite shade of lipstick or lipgloss. You can layer for a longer lasting or more intense color. Either blotting with tissue paper and dusting with setting powder between layers or just blotting. Get the perfect shade and texture for you: create your own all natural, cruelty-free custom lipstick and lipglosses at Dawes Custom Cosmetics. With endless color possibilities, 18 scents and flavors and 6 lip treatments: moisture and sheen, sunscreen, anti-aging complex, and lip plumping; the possibilities are endless. The long-lasting matte lip gloss is our favorite.


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