3 Ways To Get Effective Cardio

Improve Cardio Fitness

If you don't have enough time for a workout during the holiday season or in general, then I'm here to show you on Fitness by Eve how to get moving! Here's how to work smarter not longer and get solid results while balancing a busy life, starting with focusing on what you're doing and creating your mind and body connection.

3 Ways to Make Your Cardio More Effective.

  1. Music

  2. Wear the correct shoes for the exercise you're doing

  3. Vary what you do

Music's a great pace setter and motivator, so choose upper not downer tracks that encourage you to workout at an appropriate speed for the exercise that you're doing.

Choose shoes specific for the exercise you're doing to give you the support you need and to help prevent injury. Replace shoes often so that you're still getting the cushioning and support that you need, plus what's not to love about box fresh sneakers!

Varying what you do, whether it's the type of exercise, speed, intensity or duration will keep your body challenged and keeping making adaptions. Plus it helps prevent boredom to make it a lifestyle not a fad.

What ways do you use to make your cardio more effective?

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