Top 5 On The Go Snacks

On The Go Snacks

Healthy, Nutritious Snacks That Will Survive In Your Bag!

Don't know what to pack to snack on throughout the day? It can be hard choosing a nutritious snack that won't melt or go off in your bag and that doesn't require silverware, refrigeration or heating up.

Here are 5 healthy, easy and tasty on the go snack ideas that will leave you feeling good and wanting seconds!

  1. Fruit, fruit cup, raw vegetables

  2. Meal replacement shake

  3. Whole food or protein bars

  4. Raw unsalted nuts

  5. Rice cakes

What are your favorite and nutritious on the go snacks? Share them with us in the comments below ot tag us on social media @evedawes #fitnessbyeve.