Healthy Apple Pie Protein Shake Recipe

A Healthy and Nutritious Seasonal Favorite.

A healthy & nutritious alternative to apple pie.

Who doesn’t love the smell and taste of Apple pie spiced with cinnamon? It’s always been a Fall favorite of mine, but give me this low carb, fat-free alternative any day. It takes less than a minute to make and is packed with 30g protein, under 150 calories, and 0g fat; perfect for a post-workout guilt-free treat.

To make as a shake and not ice cream use less ice and more water.

Apple Pie Protein Shake Ingredients:

1 scoop vanilla or cinnamon roll protein powder (I used ON Platinum Hydro Whey)

⅓ cored apple (with or without skin)

12oz ice

4-6oz water

½ tsp cinnamon

WBFF Pro Eve Dawes showing you how to make this quick & easy apple protein shake recipe.


Blend everything together until it forms a smooth ice cream consistency. I used the Ninja Pro.

Serve & enjoy.

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In collaboration with  Faviana  Glam and Gowns

In collaboration with Faviana Glam and Gowns