Meal Delivery System Review Of Fitzee Foods

The Pro's and Con's of a Meal Delivery System

Review: Fitzee Foods

Meal delivery systems to simplify life

When Fitzee Food approached me, I looked over the website and decided to give it a try. It's always fun to shake up your nutrition and make things easy. It worked out well with timing as I was coming straight from a 22 hour journey, landing late and going straight to work which meant I had no time to go grocery shopping or do meal prep besides the few left over zip-locks of food I had prepped in the freezer (as I always do my meal prep in advance for a couple of weeks at a time and separate each meal into individual zip lock bags).  

That being said, I realize I fall into a small percentage of the population as I eat like a pro-athlete; that's my lifestyle, I enjoy it, it makes me feel good, keeps me in optimal health and it means I'm always photoshoot ready. I follow 80% of my competition prep nutrition plan which means I weigh all of my food (except for non-starchy vegetables) which is organic and normally plain, save for herbs, garlic or balsamic vinegar, so this was a huge difference to my regular meals and quite scary being out of control.

I've tried to write this review from all points of view and welcome your comments below on any experiences you've had with meal delivery systems for other readers to view.

How the Fitzee Foods meal delivery meals are packaged.

Why use a meal delivery system?

For people that find it hard to get meal inspiration, need help with portion control, don't like grocery shopping, cooking or washing up or just have busy life's, a meal delivery system is ideal. Fitzee Foods says "Think of it like a healthy alternative to fast food." 

How does it work?

You simply browse through Fitzee Foods menu selections which is pretty extensive and changes frequently to offer you plenty of choice. Select which meals you would like, select the size and how you would like to receive your order. All of their meals are prepared and delivered fresh and are ready to heat and eat when you receive them. They also have online and phone support if you’d like help with your order.

The fact that it's not a subscription is a bonus meaning you can use the meal delivery as and when you need it.

Dietary Requirements

Looking at their site, I was impressed that it gave you meal size options: Small, Medium, Large and Family size.

There's a also a lot of options for different nutritional requirements:

  • Paleo
  • Gluten-free
  • Muscle-meals (which wasn't available the week I did it)
  • Low Carb
  • Vegetarian
  • Dairy Free

Various Nutritional needs are catered to


The labeling is really easy to read, with all of the nutritional information and ingredients labeled on each package, printable from the website, and also available on MyFitnessPal. It was great to actually recognize every ingredient on the label as it's preservative free. If you use the Weight Watchers point system, they can provide that for you too. They really try and go above and beyond to make these meals fit into whichever program you're on or preferences are.










When my package arrived it was really well insulated and packed on ice to keep it fresh. The containers stack easily in the fridge without tumbling out!

How the meals are packaged

The meals are packed in BPA free, microwave safe packaging, which to be fair most meal delivery meal companies use.  I decanted the meals from the plastic containers into glass ones as I no longer microwave in so-called microwave friendly plastic containers as they're still toxic, so personally it didn't save me on washing up. Microwave safe means if you put a “microwave safe” plastic container into the microwave, it is not going to bubble and melt and no one handling the container will suffer a burn from melting plastic but after that, the debate starts. There is no such thing as safe microwaveable plastic, as you heat it, you degrade the chemical bond. The FDA hasn't determined whether or not they are safe, so while the jury's out I'd rather not take the risk. I've included a number of publications if you'd like more information as people find different resources reliable and have readership preferences. Try and take the time to read at least one, as they're really insightful:

Health Harvard Publications

Environmental Health

Men's Health Journal



The Fitzee Foods meal delivery came well insulated

About Fitzee Foods Meals

Fitzee Foods provides healthier versions of American Classics. However, I don't eat or like 'classics' I eat very simply and organically which didn't make it the best fit for me. For my husband it was great as he loves food that's been more played around with and has more ingredients.

Although the meals come in different sizes I didn't like to be so out of control with my food; I couldn't control my macros to the ounce like I'm used to doing and there definitely wasn't anywhere near as many vegetables as I'd normally eat. I went to the store the next day and ended up cooking vegetables to go with the meals. My meal delivery included a variety of foods, my husband taste-tested all of them since I couldn't eat most of them as they were way too spicy or had processed meat in such as all-natural turkey bacon and Italian sausage. 


Meal Review

Mom's Hearty Turkey casserole; I'd never eat a casserole but it was edible once I scraped the cheese off. There weren't enough vegetables except a few peas and carrots which were overcooked; it was ok but reminded me of baby food.

Turkey bacon scramble: Neither of us ate as we don't eat processed meat (even if it says all-natural.) as it's not part of a healthy lifestyle.

Malaysian pineapple chicken: My husband loved this one, which was spicy but yet again had no vegetables.

Paleo Honey Sriracha chicken: My husband enjoyed this but was it was on the high end of his spice tolerance range and he loves spicy food.

PB & Jelly Pancakes: My husbands favorite.

Overall my husband was impressed by how filling the food was, all for under 400 calories. In fact many of the small meals came in at under 300 calories if you are a calorie counter. 




  • Specialize in healthier versions of America’s favorites. e.g. meatloaf, burgers, lasagna, pizza, spaghetti, enchiladas, mac & cheese and more. So if these are the foods you love or you're just starting to try and eat healthily, this site is ideal for you. 
  • Meals are made from a blend of all natural ingredients, and high quality free-range and hormone-free proteins.
  • No memberships or long-term contracts required.
  • Turkey is nitrate-free and hormone free.
  • Chicken is free-range.
  • Beef is grass fed.
  • Meals are fresh, never frozen.
  • Portion-controlled. 
  • Meals available in four different sizes: Small, Medium, Large, and Family Size
  • Clearly labeled. Show you which meals are DF- Dairy Free, GF- Gluten Free, PF- Paleo Friendly, VG-Vegetarian, and/or *LC- Low Carb.
  • All nutritional information and ingredients are labeled on each package.
  • Multiple heating method options – Microwave, Stove Top or Oven.
  • Option to freeze meals for up to 3 months.
  • They offer a money back guarantee if you’re unhappy with the meals, bars or any other items in your shipment.


  • Pre-seasoned.

  • Many of the meals are spicy.

  • No low fat options.

  • Unable to customize individual meals based on specific nutrient needs.

  • Not many vegetables to no vegetables in many of the meals.

  • Packaged in microwave-safe plastic containers.


Now that you have all of the details, pro's and con's, you can make an informed decision as to whether or not meal delivery systems fit into your lifestyle whether for the long or short-term. I can definitely see the benefits of them and how they can help people, they are definitely much healthier than many other options out there.