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Snapbot Snapchat Spectacle Search.

On a Mission With My Husband

Only out a week, they are making them hard to get to! This Snapchat Spectacles Snapbot location was off the grid and accessible only by Sundance helicopters. 


If you're into social media or gadgets you can't have missed the latest craze of Snapchat spectacles! The spectacles are sunglasses that snap and can only be bought at pop-up snapbots! You can create 10-30 second videos with the snapchat glasses that upload to your snapchat feed whilst you remain hands-free.

Super fun and catching on like wildfire. So cool, you actually want to wear them and they come in black, aqua and coral.

At the time of writing this, they'd only been released the week before and Snapchat have made getting hold of a pair quite the mission; forget finding them in stores! They were only available from vending machines whose pop-up locations were revealed at the last minute, making it an ambitious adult treasure hunt!

We love a challenge! Getting my first pair of Snapchat Spectacles Snapbot!

When the Snapbots are located in cities the directions are clear, speed is the only important thing (stick to the speed limit), but these tips are for the rural locations like today's in the Grand Canyon which was only reachable by helicopter! Thankfully not private charter but via Sundance Helicopters.

I've used Sundance helicopters several times; for Grand Canyon trips and Night flights over the Las Vegas Strip to see the lights and they've always been phenomenal. Being in a helicopter is such a wonderful and fast way to see things that you can't from a car and go beyond roads.

This tour actually touched down besides the river in the Grand Canyon and included a boat tour down the river. Our informative and chatty tour guide even stopped so that we could take photos of this incredible location, in our snapchat spectacles of course!  I've flown over the Grand Canyon 4 times and it never fails to humble me and take my breath away. Snapchat glasses hunt or not, if you haven't checked this off of your bucket list, do it!

Thanks to Sundance helicopters for a successful Snapchat Spectacles Snapbot mission

What to love.

  1. How to Take Photos With Snapchat Spectacles: There's a very prominent circular ring of LEDs that light up at the front of the snapchat spectacles when videos are being shot so you're not the creepy person taking secret videos!
  2. The case is also a charger. That bright yellow packaging is clever, doubling as a way to charge up the Spectacles when not in use. You can also plug the charger straight into the glasses if you prefer to do it that way. A ring of lights on the glasses will show you that they're charging. You can double tap the side at any time to check your battery charge.
  3. Snapchat spectacles are super fun and stylish to wear plus they come in 3 cool colors.
  4. The techie part: The 115-degree wide-angle camera captures video in a circle so that when you view the video in the Snapchat app, you can look at it in horizontally or vertically or by continuing to spin your phone around in any orientation.
  5. Sound quality is surprisingly good.

Mission accomplished! We found them <3 Snapchat Spectacles Snapbot

10 Tips for Finding Snapbot Snapchat Spectacle Locations Successfully In rural areas:

  1. Go to and check for countdowns until the next reveal. Once the timer runs out the location will be revealed.

  2. It may not be exactly on the map where it says it is and you can't use any of the regular google map functions besides the zoom (they have it on lockdown). Don't do anything unsafe! Even if it looks like it's off road I can't imagine that they would endanger you and will provide a safe option. Today's appeared that it was miles from the nearest road and I know that some people went off roading and hiking today as they didn't know that via helicopter was the only option.
  3. Leave on your snapchat spectacle search as soon as the location posts! They may not be there very long. We went to the Grand Canyon location and they were getting ready to pack up at 2pm and only announced it after 8am! Baring in mind it's 90 minutes-2 hours from Vegas!
  4. Once on the road, get your passenger to check the most recent hashtags to get a better idea of the exact location. I got lucky and found someone on twitter who helped me! Shout out to @chimpo_gaming for that! You can see the footage from the hunt on their youtube:
  5. Search using all of these hashtags to increase your chances of getting lucky:                                #snapbot #snapbotlocations #snapchatspectacles #spectacles
  6. Be prepared to spend money! The only way to reach the one in the Grand Canyon was via helicopter!
  7. Ask as many people as possible and don't trust the first person you ask. Often even employees of the place you're going to don't know anything about it or may provide the wrong information. It's kept elusive on purpose.
  8. There may not be cell service where you are going so plan ahead. We had no service from about 45 minutes away from the destination!
  9. This may sound obvious, but make sure you have enough gas and supplies!
  10. Go out with a good attitude and be prepared not to get the spectacles. It's about being adventurous; best case scenario you get the snapchat spectacles and have an awesome road trip. Worse case scenario you have a fun day out trying to accomplish something together, enjoying nature and taking great snaps.

Happy Snapbot hunting and snapping! Oh and the rule is, 2 per person.

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Snapbot Snapchat spectacles vending machine in action

Snapbot Snapchat Spectacles. Fitness by Eve 

Getting my first pair of Snapchat Spectacles Snapbot!

Fitness by Eve