How to Make Healthy Smart Choices Traveling

Beat the travel weight gain

Airport food can be limited but planning ahead can take the stress out and help maintain your healthy lifestyle

Airport food can be limited but planning ahead can take the stress out and help maintain your healthy lifestyle

How to eat healthy while traveling and staying healthy while traveling are some of the more common questions I get asked as I'm always traveling for both business and leisure. There are more detailed articles on here in regards to traveling healthy for further info including "How To Stay Healthy While Socializing" but I thought I'd write a quick blog post-flight to England on how to make healthy choices when traveling.

Traveling Internationally is a lot different from traveling domestically. When I travel for work within the US I always travel with a lot of my own food but since you can't take meat, dairy, etc outside the US it changes things up.

Thankfully, traveling and eating healthily isn't the impossible task it was even just a couple of years ago. Since I exercise a lot less when I travel (especially when it's for pleasure and not work) I try to be conscientious with my eating, as for me that's the biggest part. You can exercise until the cows come home, but unless you are eating right you're never going to get results.

What to Pack When Traveling:

No one wants to be weighed down, or carry around a melted mess or get food poisoning but these are easy and fuss-free to pack.

  • Protein scoop

  • Mini shaker/blender bottle (I like Blenders since they have the gizmo in there that blends the powder well)

  • Protein powder in a large ziplock. Double bag this to be safe against leakage & take a smaller zip lock to decant into daily to keep in your bag. It's so easy to just add water anywhere and if your macronutrients are off when eating out you can counteract by adding a shake (before or after you go into the restaurant or hosts house) to up the protein and keep it lean.

  • Your daily supplements. We can't always have the perfect diet whether we're traveling or not but supplements can definitely help in meeting your RDA or vitamins and minerals.

  • Protein or Healthy Snack bars for when you can't find anything or don't have the time to. I really like Quest, RX Bars that are completely natural and Kind bars.

How To Eat Healthily At Airports:

Find a Starbucks and grab their protein plate, Greek yogurt or salad. Failing that, a lot of places offer fruit cups, boiled eggs, grilled chicken, garden salads. You can treat it like a 'pick-and-mix', have fun with it and make your own meals; discarding what you don't want and adding the things you do to get your perfect macro-nutrient balance of protein, carbs (either a starch, fruit or veg) and fats (normally olive oil or from fish).

Try and book an aisle seat so that you don't have to keep disturbing your neighbor for bathroom visits (an unavoidable downside to hydrating well).

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Healthy Options For Plane food:

I always buy a 1.5ltr bottle or 2 after security as they never serve enough on the flight. Foodwise, either try and pick up something at the airport, pack your own if allowed on the flight or make smart choices. I'll often order a salad without dressing and leave the cheese and croutons, choose the healthiest option of protein they have and skip bread and dessert. For breakfast onboard, I make my own protein shake with their black coffee for breakfast (with the powder in my purse) so I can skip the airplane breakfast. The passengers next to me are always quite envious of my shake over their congealed eggs and greasy croissant;) I would love to say skip alcohol onboard to stay hydrated but I'm one to practice what I preach and what's a long haul flight without a glass of bubbles or so!

So now you have a few tips on how to make healthy choices when traveling. Have some tips of your own? Comment below. Wishing you smart and safe travels.

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