How to Keep New Years Resolutions by SMART Goal Setting

What New Years Resolutions Have You Made?

Don't be ashamed if the answer is "none yet" and maybe this post is a little predictable.  Since it's that time of year when we start putting together well-intentioned New Years resolutions, I couldn't resist posting once on this topic.

The earlier you set goals the more you can be prepared so that you don't make excuses or stop before you've even begun. Plus you can plan ahead to set yourself up for success.

I'm not a fan of setting short term goals unless they are part of a long term goal so that they're baby steps on a mission and road to somewhere. So whilst I may do a quick detox to get rid of some of the alcohol and toxins I imbibed, I don't have any 30 day or 12 week challenges in my future. These maybe a great thing for some people, they just don't work with my goals.  For others, these plans can work fantastically as they offer quick results and create new habits; just make sure that you have a plan in place for after that period of time so that you can maintain the results.


Instead, get some long-term goals in place that are manageable and measurable. The key to setting goals is to make them realistic, specific and measurable so that you're encouraged and not discouraged.

If your goal is to go to the gym X amount a week, make sure that really fits in with your lifestyle, otherwise you're going to be more fixated on the sessions you missed than congratulating yourself on the sessions you made.

If it's to eat healthier; be specific, how are you going to eat healthier? Are you going to eat X amount of fruit/vegetables per day? Switch to mainly organic produce? Try new recipes? Switch refined carbs (white bread, rice and pasta) for complex carbs (brown versions)? Drink more water? How much water per day? My daily goal is always 1 gallon per day which I count as I go (and yes, it does mean a lot of peeing!).

Is it to lose X amount of weight? If so, how much? By when? How are you going to lose the weight?

They don't have to be fitness or health related, they can be anything; career, financial, family, education, artistic, attitude, pleasure, public service, etc. Just make sure it's something you REALLY want otherwise excuses get in the way. When you want something enough you find a way over, around and through any barriers.

Once you know what you want, make them SMART goals. SMART goals are:

  •  Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time-bound.

Once they are write them down so that you're clear on exactly what they are and WHY you're doing them. Your why needs to be bigger than your why not if you’re going to ensure you do it. Maybe tell a friend, family or write them in the comments below so that you feel accountable too.

Don't let setbacks stop you from continuing!


Fail to plan then you plan to fail!

Do you have everything you need to take action? Whether it's workout clothes, shoes, gloves, membership, money, grocery list, recipes, vitamins, running map/route, etc.  If you can afford to, you may like to buy new workout gear Nike Store, shoes and headphones and download new music via iTunes so that you're excited to go and workout to use your new stuff; just don't go broke in the process! Buy things that make you feel good, are comfortable and flatter your body. 

Need your daily dose of inspiration? Why not get a Gray Believe Tank or Pink Believe Tank to keep yourself motivated.

For Example, My goals For The Next Year

-To take 3 dance classes per week (any kind: Ballet, Ballroom, Zumba, Jazz, Lyrical). I realized how much I missed dancing and love this as a fun way to keep fit, be expressive and creative, feel feminine and create long lean muscles.

-To keep my alcohol intake within the recommended amount for females per week!!!

-To use SPF30 sunscreen everyday (I live in Vegas where the sun & dry air is brutal).

Simple, long-term, realistic, measurable, specific goals.

Take pride in your achievements, if you fall short of each step don't quit otherwise you'll never get there, just start each day afresh. Here's to setting maintainable and achievable goals my fitness angels. Wishing you health and happiness.

Now get thinking and writing those goals ;) Need some accountability? Share your SMART resolutions and goals with me in the comments below.

HAPPY NEW YEAR from Fitness by Eve!!! xoxo